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You want that ‘most special day in your life’ captured in an awesome way and want that new chapter to be embedded in your memory- what better way to do that than entrust the matter to Sonu Photography Wedding Photographers in Chandigarh, who’ll capture all those delightful, priceless moments for you- just the way you want. We realize how important a day it is for you and will go that extra mile to make it absolutely perfect.

Our quality and professional team is nothing short of meticulous and we take great care to ensure not to overlook anything that happens on this occasion. We capture those light, laughter moments and the serious ones, the chaos, and confusion so that you can relive the scenes one by one, long after the wedding is over. Our Wedding Photographer in Chandigarh makes every moment special and truly memorable.

Your wedding will be photographed from every angle and covered as adequately as it possibly can. From the makeup and jewelry to your gorgeous attire, from the smiles and frowns of your guests to the decorations all around, you can rest assured that everything is captured by our special Chandigarh Wedding photographers in the best way possible.


We produce pictures that are lively, distinctive and expressive. Whether it's the exotic pre-wedding couple shoot or a wedding day event, our open-minded photography documentary style will definitely leave an impression.

Our wedding movies are a visual pleasure. It takes you back to the celebration moment and takes all those feelings back vividly. These are high-producing movies like movies, beautifully summarizing all your celebrations and rituals.


It may be simple to find wedding photography in Chandigarh, but finding the best you can do is not! That's where photography of moves in. Honeymoon is about family and friends, rites and rituals, about you and your partner, and the promises you make to each other. It is necessary to capture these moments in such a manner that they are frozen in moment.

Our Wedding Photoshoot in Chandigarh is specially tuned to all the subtle nuances that emanate from the different rituals and functions, typical to each culture. So, regardless of the regional or cultural backdrop of the wedding, we at Sonu Photography know what’s important and what needs to find a place in the pictures.

Skilled photographers can do wonders and the Photography team of wedding photographers in Chandigarh excelled by capturing the chaos and excitement, the unique moments when the couple dropped their guard, the situations behind the scenes telling stories and stories that never really get told, and the diverse mix of feelings that constantly came into play.

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